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Science is hard and, often, very frustrating. Learning the science profession and making scientific discoveries requires a significant amount of commitment and effort. We believe that the best science arises from a balance of dedication and well-being. Therefore, we promote the physical and mental health of each team member, creating an environment where long-term productivity and wellness go hand in hand.

We attempt to create an inclusive and supportive research environment that promotes research excellence, professional growth, and personal development. Our lab is a welcoming space that values and empowers every member to contribute their unique perspectives and skills.

Lab Members

Ezequiel Salido MD. PhD.

Research Assistant Professor
WVU Profile

Isaac Brenneman 

Cedarville University, OH.
Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology.
Lab Technician

Ming Yuan
West Virginia School of Osteopathic
MD. intern
WVU INTRO Summer Research Program 2024 

Past Lab Members

Benjamin Mitchell MS

Biola University, California.
Bachelor of Science, Human Biology.
Lab Technician 2021-23

Isaac Dufford

West Virginia University
Undergraduate student
WVU Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) 2022-23

William Weirich
West Virginia University School of Medicine
MD. intern
Research intern

Chloe Coulter

West Virginia University School of Medicine
MD. intern
WVU INTRO Summer Research Program 2021

Goodman Dana

Fairmont State University
WVU Summer Undergraduate Vision Research Fellowship Program 2022

Grace Nowicki
West Virginia University 
Undergraduate student
WVU Eye Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Program